Covid-19 prevention measures

The Scenarios Forum team will adhere to Austrian law to ensure the safety of its attendees. The team will closely monitor any changes to the public health orders and guidelines to comply with during the conference and communicate this transparently to all attendees


Please note that only fully vaccinated, recovered, or individuals with a current negative self-test (3G) may attend the event. Please bring the appropriate proof with you. Should the regulations due to the Covid-19 pandemic change, we will inform you in advance.

The Laxenburg Conference Center is now equipped with state off the art ventilation units to accommodate for high-standard hygiene measures. Their intelligent ventilation pumping system provides 30 – 50 m³/h of fresh air per person in a given event room; dry air is additionally humidified. Disinfectant dispensers are also integrated in every room. Furthermore, the ample number of doors and windows in the venue provide fresh air circulation.

The Laxenburg Conference Center staff is trained in COVID-19 detection. Disinfection of furniture will be undertaken by the Conference Center’s cleaning staff during every break. Routine cleaning in visitor zones (door handles, handrails) will be provided and all toilets will be cleaned regularly during the event. Personnel who are deployed for service in the hygiene area will always wear FFP 2 masks, protective gloves and recognizable work clothing. Catering staff will be wearing masks and undergo regular testing throughout the duration of the event.